What you want to achieve matters, not where you come from.

We were founded because we believe in a world full of possibilities and equal opportunities for all. Labour shortages and unemployed talents, we solve together.

135 succesful educated Motoppers. 150+ municipalities we work with. 80,8% previously obtained a Master’s degree. 5% social return obligation in tenders. 135 succesful educated Motoppers. 150+ municipalities we work with. 80,8% previously obtained a Master’s degree. 5% social return obligation in tenders. 135 succesful educated Motoppers. 150+ municipalities we work with. 80,8% previously obtained a Master’s degree. 5% social return obligation in tenders. 135 succesful educated Motoppers. 150+ municipalities we work with. 80,8% previously obtained a Master’s degree. 5% social return obligation in tenders.

Overcome challenges, change lives.

Solving that status holders are out of work and employers with vacancies in IT or Finance, is exactly what Motopp focuses on. We offer newcomers the chance to retrain as software developers or Finance professionals. We do this together with municipalities and leading companies. Together, we ensure a Triple win!

How it works

Co-founder Merijn Biesterveld about the vision of Motopp.

“I believe in a world full of opportunities where everyone gets an equal chance, no matter where a person comes from. By travelling, I discovered that everyone has more or less the same dreams, stable income, a nice life, belonging. With Motopp, we give status holders who have the motivation the chance to get a job.” 

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Organisations who work with our unique approach

Unique solution for a societal problem.

making positive impact

Unique solution for a societal problem.

Co-founders Jan Princen and Merijn Biesterveld came up with the unique idea of giving status holders the opportunity they deserve while addressing the labour shortage in the IT sector. After a successful pilot with the municipality of Amsterdam and launching customers DigiB and BinckBank, Jan and Merijn, with Joris Hoogenbosch, founded Motopp in April 2020 with the aim of making a positive impact. Meanwhile, with a whole new range of training courses, such as on Finance.

Our core values

The intrinsic values with which our Motoppers start the day. 


Committed to the success of Motoppers with strong motivation to make everyone succeed. 


We help Motoppers take the first step so they can build a sustainable future for themselves. 


We have the right knowledge to train candidates to become IT Professional or Finance Specialist in 3 to 6 months. 


At Motopp, we have a focus on the person behind the label of status holder. 


Through self-initiative, Motopp creates opportunities for both Motoppers and employers. 


Feeling genuine pride when a Motopper is placed and motivated and inspired along their learning path. 

Our mission.

The ambition of Motopp

Our mission.

Creating equal opportunities for all. That is Motopp’s mission. We aim to offer a future perspective to 1,000 status holders a year and make a difference for this unnoticed talent. At the same time, we reduce labour shortages in numerous industries, such as the IT and Finance world. 

Motopp in numbers

From its formal establishment in 2020, Motopp continues to grow ambitiously to achieve our mission in 2030.

150 placed Motoppers at clients.

150 collaborations with municipalities.

95% gets a renewed contract.

17,8% Motoppers had a Bachelor degree before training.

80,8% Motoppers had a Master degree before training.

14,5 months from the first meeting to a permanent contract.

The team.

Central to our mission is a solid team, always dedicated to realising opportunities for status holders and empowering them.

Anna Maas
Anna Maas

Partnership and Recruitment Manager

Ashraf Mouhanna
Ashraf Mouhanna

Internship Manager

Dave Baltus
Dave Baltus

HR & People Development Manager

Wanda Compier
Wanda Compier

People Development Manager

Jan Princen
Jan Princen


Magnus Beers
Magnus Beers

Partner & Business Development

Eva Janssen
Eva Janssen

Partnership and Recruitment Manager

Merijn Biesterveld
Merijn Biesterveld


Stefan van der Munnik
Stefan van der Munnik

People Development Manager

Benedicte Lochtenberg
Benedicte Lochtenberg

Commercial director

Thijmen Boermans
Thijmen Boermans


Youp van 't Schip
Youp van ‘t Schip


History of Motopp

Historical milestones show that Motopp is helping more and more status holders find jobs in the Dutch business sector in more and more municipalities. Follow our story!



Placement of 5 Motoppers.

Successful pilot in which 5 Motoppers are placed in collaboration with municipality Amsterdam at launching customers DigiB and BinckBank 



April: founding Motopp.

Motopp b.v. formally is founded by co-founders Joris, Merijn and Jan. The first group of Motoppers is trained and then successfully placed with Nationale Postcode Loterij and ASR.  


August: Statushouders know how to find Motopp.

The first status holders sign up on their own at Motopp.


October: Kick-off at Scheepvaartmuseum.

The first kick-off day for a growing group of Motoppers is organised at Scheepvaartmuseum. 


December: Key collaborations launched.

Crucial collaborations are being launched with Mendix, PostNL and the Low-Code Academy. The partnership will be deepened 



March: Second group of Motoppers starts.

Support will be started for a second group of selected Motoppers. Two start their new jobs at ZilverenKruis and at ABN AMRO. 


May: Motopp app en new customer.

A Motopp employee app is developed and Motopp’s positioning is further developed which immediately attracts another new client: the Flower Bulb Inspection Service. 


June: New groups.

A third group of status holders starts at Motopp (Eagles Fly High). And soon after, a fourth group (Challengers) will start in September. 


November: More municipalities and businesses.

Publicity around Motopp increases and more municipalities and companies sign up with Motopp to invest in newcomer talent. 



February: Java project at ABN AMRO.

A few Motoppers are being trained as Java developers for ABN AMRO. 


May: Social return Siemens.

Siemens gets in touch with Motopp and together want to fulfil their social return ambition. 


October: New office in Amsterdam.

Motopp moves into new premises with lots of history in Amsterdam. 


November: Service Now – Smurfit Kappa.

Motopp launches new ‘Service Now’ track with customer Smurfit Kappa. 


December: Boat trip 2022.

It is the first time all Motoppers can come together for an event again, after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. 



June: Family Day.

Relax and meet for fun. Motoppers came to the office with their families for good food and fun activities. 


July: Python PwC.

A project is being launched with client PwC to train Motoppers as programmers with expertise in Python.  


August: Dekra places 6 Motoppers.

Dekra, in cooperation with Motopp, launches the first Finance training course focused on damage insurance, entirely in Dutch, and employs 6 Motoppers after intensive weeks of coaching.  

  • The goal of SDG 4 is to have access to quality education for everyone. Appropriate and accessible education is important for all age groups and at all stages of life, from pre-school and primary education to vocational and higher education, and encompassing ‘lifelong development’. Motopp believes that everyone is equal and that this right also applies to status holders. 

  • Men and women should be treated equally and hold equitable positions in society. The disparities faced by women and girls, including coercion and violence, in employment, caregiving, and public life must come to and. We offer women from refugee backgrounds equal opportunities for training and access to positions at all levels. 

  • Economic growth is sustainable only if capital, labour and resources are used responsibly and if profits and incomes are shared fairly between citizens and businesses. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. 

  • This goal is about reducing inequality between countries. But even in our own country, social cohesion is indispensable for society to function well. Everyone should have equal opportunities to be part of the social infrastructure.  


Our progress

Contributions to SDG’s.

With our team‘s unique dedication to addressing employment inequality for status holders, we are actively contributing to the united nations’ goal of making the world a brighter place by 2030.  

Our activities are in line with SDG goals 4, 8 and 10, which have been adopted by 196 countries, including the Netherlands. We are also making our contributions to SDG target 5, achieving gender equality in work. We remain committed to making a positive impact and contribution to the SDGs.

Motopp and Dutch municipalities.


Motopp and Dutch municipalities.

Municipalities have the social task of helping more status holders into work. Motopp successfully cooperates with 150 municipalities. Municipalities help Motopp to select motivated candidates whom we can offer a future perspective at leading companies.

Municipalities working with us

We are in a <br /> certification process <br /> for PSO30+
We are in a
certification process
for PSO30+
Share our story and contribute to Motopp's social mission.

Media and publicity

Share our story and contribute to Motopp’s social mission.

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