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Questions about the Motopp traineeship programme.

Do you work for a municipality, a WSP region or the UWV, and do you want to ensure that status holders have a chance on the labour market? Are you a highly educated status holder and would you like more details about our how we help you get a great career at level in the Netherlands? Colleague Eva would be happy to inform you! 

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Do you have experience in training people with a distance to the labour market, is it your job to guide status holders to a job or do you have a concrete challenge within your company that you would like to solve with newcomer talent? Get in touch with colleague Magnus to discuss a collaboration. 

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Do you have any questions?

The background and reason for choosing a guided trajectory towards a new job in IT or Finance vary for each newcomer. View the most frequently asked questions here. 

For you as a status holder, absolutely nothing. We cover the costs of your IT-Career training and reimburse your travel expenses. Most of the time, you will attend the training sessions remotely, from your own home workspace. Once a week, you will come to our office in Amsterdam for a joint workshop with other Motoppers. After we have matched you with an employer following the training program, you can of course start paid employment. 

We understand that you are extra vigilant about the safety of you and your family. We collect data online only anonymously. When we ask you to fill in a form and leave data, we do so on a platform where we have observed security measures. Your data will never be shared to third parties without permission. See our privacy statement, with more detail on how we handle your data. 

The fact that you already have the necessary skills is great. You might also already have the necessary certificates or even completed Finance or IT-related training in your country of origin. You will probably recognise that finding a job is not yet so easy as a status holder. Employers worry about your gap in the language, your motivation, your understanding of Dutch business culture. That is exactly what we are going to solve for you. If you are selected by us, you will enter an intensive guidance programme, where we are going to help you solve obstacles and realise that job opportunity. 

At Motopp, we don’t look at where you come from, but where you want to go and what affinity you have with IT or Finance. Explain in your motivation letter why we should invest in you. For the IT Traineeship, you do not necessarily need programming knowledge. Your soft skills are also important within Finance. 

That can vary depending on the difficulty of the training content. On average, you can expect it to last between 3 to 6 months. During this period, we focus on developing interpersonal skills, such as presentation techniques, collaboration (agile/scrum methodologies), language proficiency, and cultural integration. Additionally, there are intensive workshops dedicated to acquiring professional skills. 

This largely depends on you. We require maximum commitment from you throughout the entire process. However, you also gain a great deal in return. Once you have successfully completed your training and we have selected you to be matched with a client, it is highly likely that you will be able to start working. However, if a match isn’t achieved (which is rare), we will make every effort to find you another employer. 

Once you are matched for work, you will be provided with an employment contract and become an employee of Motopp. Through Motopp, you will be assigned to your IT or Finance job with your regular client. Typically, this arrangement lasts for a period of 18 months. It ensures that you receive a basic salary, transition from benefit situation, build up a pension, are covered by illness insurance, and entitled to the regular employment safety net in the Netherlands. After these 18 months, 95% of all our Motoppers are offered an extension with their client. We closely oversee the transition, checking in with you every two weeks to ensure a smooth process. 

Sometimes, unexpected situations arise that are beyond your control. If you are enrolled in a training program with us, we are committed to your success. Please inform us about any changes, and we will endeavor to collaborate with you to find a solution. While we may not be able to address every situation, discussing them together may still yield potential solutions. In some cases, this may involve temporarily suspending the process until the issue is resolved. 

The training program requires full-time availability. If you are selected, we will notify you no later than one month before the training starts. If you have caregiving responsibilities for children or sick parents, discuss your options at home and feel free to consult us about potential solutions. While the program will be intensive, remember it offers a valuable opportunity. If you cannot commit at this time but may be available later, please inform us. Either way, let us know if you’re interested or check back with us later. 

If there isn’t a suitable match between you and the client (which rarely occurs), we will seek out alternative opportunities.