Solving labour shortages by utilizing unused talent.

Companies that invest in social responsibility are more successful than their counterparts that do not. Find out how to comply 100% with SROI obligations with Motopp.

of which 95% has a permanent contract after 1 year 45+ satisfied clients 19+ nationalities trained to new work talent 165 successfully placed Motoppers of which 95% has a permanent contract after 1 year 45+ satisfied clients 19+ nationalities trained to new work talent 165 successfully placed Motoppers of which 95% has a permanent contract after 1 year 45+ satisfied clients 19+ nationalities trained to new work talent 165 successfully placed Motoppers of which 95% has a permanent contract after 1 year 45+ satisfied clients 19+ nationalities trained to new work talent 165 successfully placed Motoppers

Why do we choose Motopp’s approach?

Many Dutch companies favour labour migration to solve the chronic labour shortage, but forget that many status holders are just as motivated and talented. 

Motopp & SROI

Social return on investment (SROI) is an approach to create more employment opportunities. for people distant from the labour market. Government authorities make SROI compulsory when tendering, which means that the organisation winning the tender must spend a certain percentage of the contract sum on social responsibility, for example by hiring status holders. 

When you use Motopp’s people, you meet the SROI obligations 100%. Moreover, we are familiar with subsidies provided by municipalities. Do you have any questions about our services? 

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We recently received the PSO30+ certificate. This certification is increasingly recognized in tenders, and as a result, our invoices will be considered as fulfilling SROI (Social Return on Investment). This enables you to classify our services as social procurement in the Netherlands.

More information
  • The goal of SDG 4 is for everyone to have access to quality education. Appropriate and accessible education is important for all age groups and at all stages of life, from pre-school and primary education to vocational and higher education, and beyond through ‘lifelong development’. Motopp believes that everyone is equal and that this right also applies to status holders. 

  • Men and women should be treated equally and hold equitable positions in society. The disparities faced by women and girls, including coercion and violence, in employment, caregiving, and public life must come to and. We offer women from refugee backgrounds equal opportunities for training and access to positions at all levels. 

  • Economic growth is sustainable if capital, labour and resources are used responsibly and if profits and incomes are shared fairly between citizens and businesses. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. 


  • This goal is about reducing inequality between countries. But even in our own country, social cohesion is indispensable for society to function well. Everyone should have equal opportunities to be part of the social infrastructure.  


Make a positive impact with Motopp

Contribute to the SDG’s

Filling vacancies with status holders through Motopp actively contributes to your company’s social impact. You also contribute to the United Nations’ goals to make the world a nicer place by 2030. 

We have aligned our activities with SDG goals 4, 8 and 10. These goals have been developed by the Netherlands and 195 other countries. We are also making our contributions to SDG target 5, achieving gender equality in work, including with regard to the sustainable increase of women in IT and other industries such as Finance. 

We remain committed to making a positive impact and contributions to the SDGs. 

Our unique approach.


Our unique approach.

We work successfully with 150 municipalities, and this number is still growing. As a result, we have insight into available incentive schemes per municipality. This is how we help companies to reduce costs on recruitment and guidance of new employees and maximise the return on investment in human capital. Thanks to our full-service approach, we unburden clients from selection to contract renewal. Moreover, you comply 100% with the government’s SROI obligation. Want to know more? 

5% of the contract value in a won in a won government tender, a SROI implementation is usually required.

20% average increased value, relative to the investment made by companies when investing in diversity and inclusion.

100% meet government SROI obligations for Dutch companies that choose the Motopp approach.

Why companies are proud to work with Motopp.

Everyone who engages with a Motopper tells us that seeing someone’s outlook in life change is hugely satisfying. 

Solve labour shortages with new talent

Motopp offers companies the chance to address labour shortages by training and deploying talented status holders, for example in IT and Finance. 

Investing in human capital pays off

Working with Motopp means investing in the future, where talented status holders contribute to productivity and profitability of your organisation. 


Creative teams thanks to diversity

Motopp brings diversity and new cultural and customer-driven perspectives to your team, leading to innovative solutions and creative collaboration.  

Comply 100% with SROI requirements

Working with Motopp enables companies to fully comply with Social Return on Investment (SROI) requirements. Social impact is key. 

Contribute to SDGs 4, 5, 8 and 10

Motopp’s collaboration supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that contribute to a more pleasantly liveable world by 2030 for all. 

Social Enterprise

Motopp is a social enterprise committed to creating a positive impact for businesses, status holders and society, a triple win in other words. 

Success stories from our clients

Be inspired by the stories of our Motoppers and their clients. 

Companies who work with our unique approach

Invest in social return
‘’We are really attracted to Motopp’s coaching concept because of its commitment to opportunities for status holders. Thanks to investment in human capital, ABN AMRO achieved a remarkable 20% increase in global net worth last year, mainly due to the well-being impact of social work’’.
Sonal Vaid Mendix Chapter Lead at ABN AMRO
Read more about ABNAMRO and Motopp (in Dutch).
Investment in human capital increases ABN AMRO's net value.
Invest in social return
‘’My director heard the story on the radio and was enthusiastic immediately. The next day I immediately looked to see if our it vacancies could be filled. Two motoppers are now working with us as application managers. This is going very satisfactorily. This goes very much to your satisfaction.”
Kato Hemelaar Manager data management department district heat at Vattenfall
Listen interview (in Dutch)
My director at Vattelfall heard about Motopp on the radio and wanted to hear more immediately
Invest in social return
”For us, diversity and social responsibility are very important. That played a big role when we entered into the cooperation with Motopp. I am also quite proud that we do this together and we can make a positive contribution to society in this way.”
Hans Voorthuijzen Manager Information Management, Architecture and Analyse at Zilveren Kruis
Read about Zilveren Kruis and Motopp (in Dutch)
Diversity and social responsibility plays a major role at Zilveren Kruis
Investment in human capital increases ABN AMRO’s net value.
My director at Vattelfall heard about Motopp on the radio and wanted to hear more immediately
Diversity and social responsibility plays a major role at Zilveren Kruis
Customisation and monitoring

Personal development

Customisation and monitoring

Three years ago, we started training the first status holders to become low-code software developers. Since then, thanks to our partnerships, we have expanded our training capacity to multiple disciplines, consisting IT and Finance. What we offer is constantly broadening, for instance, we now also train newcomers to become claims handling experts for insurers. We know what it takes to support newcomers in their integration journey. We add a specific desire as the final building block using customised training. We continuously monitor the personal development of each Motopper so that every placement becomes a success story.

  • Great future prospects for our Motoppers arise from the opportunity to contribute to Dutch society as a newcomer. This leads to an improved sense of well-being, by belonging somewhere and feeling satisfied about the work.

  • A highly motivated, culturally and internationally balanced workforce that contributes to an adaptive, innovative, profitable and competitive market position. 

  • A reduction in the cost of society and a constantly growing economy.  

Motopp’s succes formula

A Triple win

By training unused talent for a future in the Dutch labour market, we solve unfilled vacancies for companies and help them meet social return (SROI) obligations. This results in a ‘triple win’: a success for status holders, a success for competing organisations and a success for society. 

Employment conditions and costs.


Employment conditions and costs.

Every demand from our clients is different, and every newcomer has their own unique qualities and ambitions. We will meet with you and the potential candidate to discuss whether there is a match. We also provide basic skills training before a candidate starts work. Sometimes we can make use of subsidies for this. If clients want to set up a whole new team, we take a broader look at the question. Get in touch and we will make sure the picture is clear to all parties as soon as possible.

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