Maksym has technically exceeded our expectations within FMO as a junior. His background as an engineer is very valuable in our team

Raymond Formijn, Senior Mendix Developer at FMO, about his colleague Maksym Honcharenko. 

”This is not the first time I have worked with an Motopp trainee. As a freelance Senior Mendix Developer, I previously worked with Motopper Sarah from Pakistan at PostNL. Back then, I was very impressed by her strong communication skills and her positive impact on the team.”

Nowadays, Raymond and Maksym work together in the Development Operation Foundation Team at FMO, the dutch entrepreneurial development bank that provides financing to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Several teams are use the low-code Mendix platform to develop and optimise applications that improve the bank’s operational efficiency and contribute to its ESG objectives. Maksym and Raymond play a crucial role in these efforts, particularly in the development of platforms aimed at conducting audits that assess the social and environmental impact of FMO clients. All these applications focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives, which are a key priority for FMO.

Maksym Honcharenko, who is originally from Ukraine has a background as an engineer. He followed the IT traineeship at Motopp, where he developed his knowledge and skills in Mendix and found his way within the Dutch work culture. After successfully finishing his traineeship, he joined FMO as a Junior Mendix Developer on a permanent basis. 

Raymond and Maksym get along very well. ‘Raymond is my journey partner in this journey at FMO,’ shares Maksym. During the internship phase, Maksym received invaluable guidance from Raymond. This helped him understand company’s processes better and use applications more effectively. Thanks to this mentorship, Maksym not only improved his technical skills but also grew personally.

Raymond is impressed by Maksym’s growth and dedication, forseeing a bright future for him within the organisation. ‘Maksym takes good responsibilities and grows every day. While I have seen many junior Mendix Developers, Maksym’s rapid technical development has really surprised me.’ Raymond is happy to have Maksym on his team and mentoring him. ‘As a senior, it is fulfilling to see someone grow so much.’ 

Maksym takes good responsibilities and grows every day. While I have seen many junior Mendix Developers, Maksym’s rapid development has really surprised me.

Raymond Formijn, Senior Mendix Developer at FMO

‘Maksym continues to grow within FMO, both in terms of business, technical and soft skills.’