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”Lots of experience with computers, but never got the chance.”

16 May 2024 | 2 minuten leestijd

”Lots of experience with computers, but never got the chance.”

Motoppers’ stories are what drive us to offer opportunities to status holdersand solve the labour shortage in the Netherlands. Hearing how they see the future, experienced the process at Motopp, creates understanding and trust. Meet Hikmet!

Meet Hikmet

Hikmet is from Turkey and has lived in the Netherlands for 2 years now. He grew up with a lot of interest in computers, but had not had the chance to do something with them professionally before. ”So Motopp was a great opportunity for me for that. It allowed me to start a new career.” After going through the training at Motopp, Hikmet was able to start working at Mendix. ”I am very happy with this job, it is an important opportunity for me to grow and develop myself. I didn’t have much work experience before and now I can gain that.”

At first, Hikmet had to acclimatise quite a bit to his new living environment. ”Psychologically, I was not in a good state, which is why I couldn’t socialise much, for example. I regret that I didn’t have many opportunities to get involved in Dutch society as a result. I am a social and cheerful person, I also like to cheer others up. But I have to feel myself in place before I can do that.”

Being involved in society is very important. Being alone is not good for your mental health. Without social involvement, you create your own space that has nothing to do with the Netherlands.


Fortunately, Hikmet has met many people at Motopp and feels more involved in society with his new job. ”If you just stay at home and see the people you always see, you don’t become part of society.” Hikmet is convinced that to understand the essence of a society and the country, ”You have to meet the people, befriend them. I’m doing a lot of that now.”

Hikmet still has many plans for the future. ”When I have gained a lot of experience and expertise, one day I want to start my own business and do it together with like-minded people.”

”Having started down a new path with this job, I see endless possibilities, as long as I run after them.”

Watch Hikmet’s video: