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Motopper Göktug Gokce uses his expertise at Welcome app to welcome other newcomers.

29 February 2024 | 3 minuten leestijd

Motopper Göktug Gokce uses his expertise at Welcome app to welcome other newcomers.

Last week, we visited Welcome app, an initiative that brings newcomers, organisations and municipalities together through the app they developed. In conversation with CEO Christina Hiemstra and Head of Product Maarten Kappert , we talked about the collaboration with Motopp. Recently, a Motopper joined Welcome app as a Mendix developer. Göktug Gokce later joins the conversation himself and talks about his experiences of his new job, as well as the value of the knowledge and skills he gained during the Motopp traineeship.

For Welcome app, the decisive factor in partnering with Motopp was the shared commitment to newcomers. Both parties see the talent and knowledge that newcomers have to offer. Through their platform, Welcome app offers a tool to unburden municipalities in the implementation of integration policy, by giving newcomers a tool to take control of their own integration process. Its strength lies in its accessibility for all; for instance, the app is available in 10 languages. Connections between locals and newcomers are made possible, as well as participation in various activities, such as language lessons, cycling courses and football competitions. Making newcomers feel welcome is central to this. Diversity and inclusion is a key to this, which explains the logical move to hire a trainee from Motopp.

as an organisation, we want to represent the target group we serve

– Christina Hiemstra, CEO Welcome app

In conversation with Christina, she emphasises ”as an organisation, we want to reflect the target group we serve”. Maarten underlines this by saying that employees like Göktug are essential for the further development of the platform, as they understand the target group best through shared experiences as newcomers. Göktug can use his personal knowledge to empathise with app users. In addition, the IT traineeship has trained Göktug to become a professional Mendix developer. The expertise Göktug gained during the traineeship, he now use at Welcome app to welcome other newcomers.

A moment later, Göktug joins us. He enthusiastically shares his experiences of the first months at Welcome app. Every day is challenging, and he keeps constantly improving his technical skills. ”Göktug is proactive and communicates clearly”. The personal guidance Motopp provides in the job search is very valuable, Göktug shares. Motopp is known for its diligence in connecting candidates and clients. The interests of both parties are considered to ensure the best possible collaboration. This resulted in Göktug’s successful onboarding at Welcome app.

Where Göktug himself first started as an IT trainee at Motopp and further expanded his knowledge of Mendix, he is now putting his knowledge to use to help other newcomers get started. We are happy with the cooperation with Welcome app. It’s great to see our Motoppers getting involved with others and contributing to the joint effort for newcomers.